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Manually inspecting the “garbage in” is painstaking and leads to low performing models. Identify and fix the data that pulls your model performance down in minutes powered by data-centric algorithms for Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing



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Data Inspection Across the Machine Learning Development Cycle

Data Preparation

Quickly inspect and fix your unlabeled data to send the right data to your data annotation team

Annotation Quality Inspection

Uncover mis-annotated data, disagreements and more within minutes

Training Diagnostics

Accelerate model development by inspecting, fixing and tracking the data dragging model performance down.

Production Monitoring

Proactively identify model failures in production, the data it failed on and fix it.

Why Machine Learning Teams Love Galileo

Improve model performance

Quick model performance gains by fixing the hard to find data that brings model performance down.

Reduce annotation costs

Select the right data to label, auto detect mis-annotated data and bulk label, all in one place – reduce your reliance on expensive and time consuming data labeling tasks.

Reduce Data Scientist Hours Spent

Collaborative data bench to fix and track your models from raw data to production models. No more messy sheets and scripts. Save hours per day per data scientist.

Model Downtimes Detected

Create model and data ‘unit tests’ to proactively know when your model fails in production, and the specific data it failed on.

Integrates in minutes with your existing tools

It only takes minutes to start using Galileo with your existing tools.

Built for actionability, security and privacy

Galileo has native integrations for, basically, all your tools!

Labeling tools
Scale AI
Label Studio
Your internal tools
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Cloud providers
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Amazon S3
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ML Platforms
Azure ML
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Fixing your ML data is critical

Ask the experts

Gabor AngeliHead of conversational AI, Square

“The reality for my team is that we often get more performance from fixing data than we do from tuning models. Galileo provides a wonderfully useful toolset for quickly and painlessly cleaning our training data.”

Anthony GoldbloomCEO, Kaggle

"Today's ML teams are mostly fixing issues with the ML data. This consumes most of their time, is slow, manual, hard and lacks dedicated tooling. Galileo finally provides that tooling."

Archi MitraDirector of ML, Buzzfeed

“Galileo solves the most time consuming and error prone aspect of any iterative ML model development – finding the data blindspots before they blow up in production. Galileo provides immediate visibility and never before seen intelligent insights that flips a labor intensive duplicative process to a low effort methodical workflow for ML practitioners”

Will LuSenior Engineering Manager, Google AI

“Today, 80% of ML teams' time is spent on data. Most teams lack the right tooling for handling, debugging, and programming large scale datasets, especially for unstructured data. The tooling from Galileo are very promising for solving the problem for ML teams. You have to try it out for yourself!”

Eric ChenSenior Eng Manager, Uber AI (Co-creator of Michelangelo)

"Galileo's an insightful tool that helps understand how unstructured data contributes to the performance of a model. This helps ML engineers massively speed up their training iterations in their journey of improving model performance, in a guided and interactive way."

Pete WardenCo-creator of Tensorflow

"The best way to improve your ML model's accuracy is almost always to fix problems in your training data, but traditionally that's been a slow, manual, and frustrating process. With Galileo's tools you can find and fix dataset problems quickly and easily, and I highly recommend them to any ML professional."

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