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Introducing Galileo Protect: Your Real-Time Hallucination Firewall

Vikram Chatterji
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Introducing Galileo Protect
3 min readMay 01 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of generative AI, managing AI system inputs and unpredictable outputs—such as hallucinations—is crucial for deploying secure, compliant enterprise AI solutions. By now, we’re all familiar with public examples of hallucinations – buying a Chevy Tahoe for $1, Google’s stock slipping after Bard hallucinates, and Air Canada misleading a customer – and their consequences can range from mild to dire.

Last year, to help teams detect anomalies and hallucinations, we released Galileo Evaluate and Galileo Observe, our evaluation and real-time monitoring solutions which are already helping teams accelerate development and reduce response times from days to minutes. But in our conversations with customers and AI teams, it became clear that many teams want more than monitoring. These teams are not content with simply reacting to prompt attacks and hallucinations; they want to stop them altogether. With this in mind, we set out to create a solution that can intercept AI inputs and responses in real-time, effectively stopping potential problems before they impact operations.

The Challenges With Intercepting GenAI Applications Today

When setting out to build a real-time interception solution, we interviewed dozens of AI teams about their current practices for safeguarding AI inputs and outputs. We found teams faced three common challenges:

  1. Ad-hoc solution: Most teams have no solution to intercept AI inputs and outputs. Those that do resort to clunky feature flags, conditional statements, and complex techniques to protect their users and systems.
  2. Difficult to manage: Teams that do cobble together some interception logic in place struggle to monitor, manage, and optimize this logic and deliver the right end-user experience.
  3. Lack of performant metrics: Most importantly, teams do not have accurate, low-latency metrics capable of detecting the biggest risks to enterprise GenAI – hallucinations, prompt attacks, and data leaks – without breaking the bank.

We’re excited to share that we’ve overcome these challenges and more!

Introducing Galileo Protect: Real-Time Hallucination Firewall for Generative AI

Today, we are thrilled to unveil Galileo Protect, an advanced GenAI firewall solution that intercepts hallucinations, prompt attacks, security threats, and more in real-time. Building on the success of Galileo Evaluate and Galileo Observe, Galileo Protect leverages our suite of research-backed metrics to deliver real-time protection through a centralized, user-friendly interface. To ensure this works at enterprise-scale, we focused on aggressively improving accuracy and latency while dramatically reducing cost (more on this soon! 😉).

Customers such as Clearwater Analytics are already benefiting from Galileo, experiencing a 30% boost in efficiency and a dramatic reduction in response times—from days to minutes.

"Using Galileo Observe, we’ve significantly enhanced our visibility and reduced response times to any potential issues with LLMs from days to minutes. Galileo Protect will take this a step further by allowing us to automatically monitor and intercept AI responses in real-time, enabling us to provide guardrails around our AI products and bring them to customers faster." - Darrel Cherry, Distinguished Engineer, Clearwater Analytics.

Galileo Protect prevents prompt injections and data leaks in real-time
Galileo Protect prevents prompt injections and data leaks in real-time

How Galileo Protect Works

Teams can safeguard their AI applications by following 3 easy steps:

1. Configure a ‘Stage’ of Rules: Easily configure a collection of rules and associated actions (collectively called a Stage) using Galileo's research-backed metrics or custom metrics of your own. Stages can be configured directly within the application code for ease or centrally for greater oversight.

2  "rules":[{"metric":"pii"
3    "operator":"contains"
4     "target_value":"address"
5   }]
6  "action":{
7    "type":"OVERRIDE"
8    "choices":[
9        "Personal address detected in the model output. Sorry, I cannot answer that question."
10              ]
11    }

2. Monitor your Stages and Rules: Keep an eye on active Stages and receive alerts when they are triggered. Use Observe to identify why a Rule was triggered and Evaluate to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Monitor and manage currently active Stages and Rules
Monitor and manage currently active Stages and Rules

3. Iterate and Optimize: Refine and adjust Stages and Rules as needed. Galileo helps by versioning Rules, which simplifies the process of adjusting them to enhance user experience.

Review Stage versions and refine and adjust Stages and Rules as needed
Review Stage versions and refine and adjust Stages and Rules as needed

Galileo Protect’s Key Capabilities

Protect comes packed with features designed to help enterprise teams quickly configure and manage a portfolio of GenAI safeguards and interceptions:

  • Proactive Interception: Protect your systems from prompt attacks and malicious inputs and safeguard your users from hallucinations, data leaks, security threats, and more.
  • Accurate Metrics: Use Galileo’s research-backed metrics to accurately detect and prevent everything from hallucinations to off-brand responses.
  • Low Latency and No Cost: Detect and prevent in milliseconds without making expensive API calls.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Our centralized UI makes it easy for technical and non-technical users to adapt to create, update, and apply firewall rules with minimal effort.
  • Action-Oriented: Trigger actions when rules are breached. Override, redact, or customize actions through webhooks (e.g., de-register a malicious user).

Get Started with Galileo Protect

We believe real-time interception is the next step towards building more secure, compliant, and efficient enterprise GenAI systems. We’re extremely excited to see what customers and future customers will accomplish with Galileo Protect.

If you’d like to learn more, watch Protect in action below, read our docs, or get started with Galileo today!

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