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Mastering RAG: Adaptive & Corrective Self RAFT

Reduce hallucinations drastically in RAG with self reflection and finetuning
Pratik Bhavsar
Pratik BhavsarGalileo Labs
less than a minute readApril 01 2024

If you're reading this, you're one curious person. However, you've just been pranked on the April fools day 🎉

The title of the new paper was derived from recent 4 papers.

  1. Self-RAG: Learning to Retrieve, Generate, and Critique through Self-Reflection
  2. Corrective Retrieval Augmented Generation
  3. Adaptive-RAG: Learning to Adapt Retrieval-Augmented Large Language Models through Question Complexity
  4. RAFT: Adapting Language Model to Domain Specific RAG

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